Carolyn Holzman was named as one of the best search engine optimization experts by the SEO Intelligence Agency.

The SEO Intelligence Agency, SIA, is the brain child of SEO pioneer, Dori Friend, and her efforts to gather the brightest search engine optimization experts from all over the world to share their ideas and notes about what was happening in search engines. At her yearly event, SEO Rockstars, experts meet to present their findings, tests, and successes.

Those on this list are SEO’s that are using evidence-based SEO which they discover by single variable testing and reporting their findings back to the Agency. The Best SEO Influencer list includes others such as Clint Black of Digitaleer, Holly Starks, video marketing expert, Stephen Grealy, Conversion Rate Optimization expert and lover of cheese, Jeff Lenney, launch jacking expert and several more.

Best SEO Influencer Badge

“This isn’t the typical list you see on most of the “corporate” sites who publish top SEO lists of SEO’s that have “jobs” in the corporate setting. This is the list of the “real” SEOs who most of the corporate SEO’s get their information from!”, said Dori Friend.

Ms. Holzman leverages years of experience, industry-leading certifications and training from some of the world’s most renowned experts to build a measurable, results-oriented approach to harnessing the power of the web.

She has worked to digitally market independent local and national enterprises within Google, Bing and Yahoo for a decade. Often referred to as a metrician, internet expert and sometimes super nerd, the one thing everyone agrees on is that her methods get results. She has successfully leveraged her expertise in marketing CDmaker, a physical product production company into providing strategy and implementation for her clients. If they don’t know why their website is not appearing where they want it to be, she can tell. How does a business get more exposure online? She makes that happen. How does one control people’s impressions when they are looking for a person or a business, she knows how all of the pieces fit together and how to craft a story to a target audience that is comprehensive and effective. She has worked with local businesses, corporate enterprise, non-profits, and reputation clients.

“Being on this list of exceptional marketers and SEO’s is an honor. As one of the initial testers in the group, I’m thrilled at how well we’ve been able to help each other and move our profession into verifiable results and out of opinion and arguments, just like science. I love being an SEO Scientist!”, said Holzman.

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