Happy Labor Day!

You work so hard every day, we wanted to demonstrate how something online can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’ve never heard of Google News, its where Google puts announcements which are relevant to a search for your company name or what service or product you provide.

When you purchase a special announcement, we focus on a service that gets great results for your patients, clients or customers, a new offer you’re promoting or even a philosophy that you attribute to your success.

IIn addition to appearing in Google News, your company will appear on the websites of dozens of local ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX stations, plus several newspaper and radio station websites as well.

But the real benefit comes from how I leverage these major media websites to turn people such as yourself into an authority to your prospects while also increasing your Google Authority.

We provide online news sources and publishers with content about successful independent business owners in various fields.

But, the benefit is far more than just exposure for your business.

Your story will be designed in a very specific way to maximize your Google Authority, while enhancing your previous search optimization efforts.

It will include your local information (your name, address and phone number), backlinks to your site, Google business listing and your video. All these elements send signals to Google that you are a preferred business and have been proven to positively affect search rankings.

Because of my media relationships, your optimized story (with business info and backlinks) will appear on dozens of trusted sites within 72 hours.

We guarantee our work and you will receive a report with links to verify each placement.

It’s a simple 3-step process:

1. We craft an optimized news release about your business and “what’s working now” for you. It will include a quote from you, the video if you have one, backlinks to your website, your business information and a picture of you or your business.

2. Your story will be published to our national syndication partners including dazed of Newspaper, TV & Radio News Websites, including local affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC, & FOX from several cities across the country. This will give you dozens of citations and backlinks from trusted sites.

3. And if you purchase during the Labor Day Save $100 we can help you leverage this national cover by incorporating it into an engaging social media campaign which shows your customers, friends and followers that you are being talked about all over the United States. Usually these are the most popular posts of the year for our clients.

AND REMEMBER…this is a total tax write off. Since you are using this as a legitimate marketing tool to promote your business, the costs of this package are 100% deductible.

This isn’t something that takes weeks or months. Publishing and syndication happens quickly, generally in less than 72 hours…and again, we guarantee it.